Dip Molding – Your #1 Choice for Rubberized Parts

Rubber has become an essential part of our lives, mainly because of its unique attributes. Durability, weather resistance, and the ability to mold it to almost any shape make it a valuable addition to all types of engineering. As of the end of 2020, the world used 1.1 million metric tons of rubber, [...]

A Question of Quality: QA’s Role in Rubber Manufacturing

It’s our mission at Midwest Rubber Company to create customized, unique solutions that can fix any design problem our clients bring to us. But innovation is only a part of what makes our products successful. We also make sure that everything we deliver is durable and reliable – that’s just one of th [...]

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Dip Molding vs. Dip Coating: Uses and Benefits of Each

Mankind has been making tools and parts since the stone age, using innovative methods to shape items to achieve the goals he has in mind. Dip molding and dip coating are two more modern options, and each requires a specific process to deliver on its objective. These two processes are quite different [...]

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What is Dip Coating and When is it Used?

At Midwest Rubber Company, we appreciate when our customers call us with their variety of product challenges and requests. Our manufacturing toolkit contains an assemblage of processes and solutions that we utilize based on the goals and needs of our customers. With every project, we begin by evalua [...]

Meet Our Innovative Slush Molding Technique

Midwest Rubber Company is pleased to introduce you to slush molding, which is one of our many manufacturing methods. When our clients ask us to create an object that is largely cavernous, or concave, slush molding is our method of choice as it is an ideal technique for producing hollow objects. Most [...]

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One of the First Plastic Manufacturing Methods: Vacuum Forming

Throughout Midwest Rubber Company’s over 70-year history, we have utilized a variety of manufacturing processes to develop effective solutions for our clients around the world. We closely evaluate every project to determine the best approach to their manufacturing goals and challenges, and we enjoy [...]

Success Story: Dip Molding Handle Grips

Handle grips. It’s something most people don’t think about, but if they were missing from a piece of equipment you were using, you’d notice. They are small parts that make a big difference. For 70 years, Midwest Rubber has been proud to collaborate with companies that are developing products that ma [...]

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Process Spotlight: Vacuum Forming

Midwest Rubber uses a number of manufacturing processes to develop solutions for our customers. Throughout our company’s history, we have always taken the time to evaluate every project to determine the best approach to a challenge, and we enjoy the entire collaboration process with our customers. T [...]

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Process Spotlight: Dip Coating

Midwest Rubber uses a number of manufacturing processes to solve our customers’ challenges. We evaluate every project to determine the best approach to a solution, and we enjoy the entire collaboration process with our customers. Today, let’s take a closer look at our dip coating process. What is it [...]

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