Best Rubberizing Solutions for Dental Surgery Equipment

Dental surgeons use several specialized tools during surgical procedures, which are manufactured specifically for this purpose. Many of these tools require some form of rubberization, whether to improve the ability to grip the handle, increase comfort for the patient, or provide physical neck suppor [...]

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3 Reasons to Use Color-Coded Coatings for Medical Products

Medical providers are under as much pressure as other service providers to deliver a good experience that encourages engagement and boosts occupancy and revenue. Studies show that the use of color in the design of medical supplies plays an essential role in enhancing the user experience. By using co [...]

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Dip Molding vs. Dip Coating: Uses and Benefits of Each

Mankind has been making tools and parts since the stone age, using innovative methods to shape items to achieve the goals he has in mind. Dip molding and dip coating are two more modern options, and each requires a specific process to deliver on its objective. These two processes are quite different [...]

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Find the Best Manufacturer for Your Rubber Medical Products

Midwest Rubber Company is proud to support medical professionals in their essential work by creating rubber components that help keep patients comfortable and secure. The stakes are high when choosing a manufacturer for your product and this is especially true for parts and components produced for t [...]

Success Story: Dip coated wheel chocks

For years, Midwest Rubber Company has collaborated with customers to develop solutions for a variety of challenges that could be rather complex. Occasionally, we find ourselves working to solve problems that are not as complex, but still have significant consequences. This was certainly the case wit [...]

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Process Spotlight: Dip Coating

Midwest Rubber uses a number of manufacturing processes to solve our customers’ challenges. We evaluate every project to determine the best approach to a solution, and we enjoy the entire collaboration process with our customers. Today, let’s take a closer look at our dip coating process. What is it [...]

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