For more than 70 years, Midwest Rubber has been the preeminent supplier of high-quality automotive parts. 

Being based in Michigan for seven decades, Midwest Rubber has vast knowledge regarding the automotive world. When our company began in 1946, being an automotive parts manufacturer was at the heart of our business, which at that time was based in Detroit, Michigan. As our company grew, we moved out of Detroit and into Deckerville, Michigan, in order to have a facility large enough to accommodate the volume of orders we were receiving for automotive rubber seals and other vehicle components. While we will always be thankful for our Motor City roots, our location now allows us to better serve the industry. We continue to be the number one choice as an automotive parts manufacturer for a variety of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) as well as Tier 1 and 2 clients in the automotive industry.


We know that satisfying our customers means holding ourselves to a superior standard and delivering nothing less than the highest quality in our components for cars and trucks. Whether we’re working on automotive rubber seals, shift boots, grommets, or any other automotive parts, we strive for perfection in every piece. That’s why we quality check our pieces at every step of the manufacturing journey to ensure only the best components make it into our clients’ hands. We are thankful for our hardworking staff that oversee the mechanical processes and handle the more delicate human interactions with the components, such as trimming and finishing. We have received IATF certification, which affirms that our work meets the global standard in this industry. By choosing Midwest Rubber, you can be confident knowing your parts will be reliable, visually appealing, and long-lasting.


Our lineup of products has grown over the years to include automotive rubber seals, wiper arm hoods, steering column seals, gear shift boots, two-shot grommets and other multiple durometer parts. All of these were developed in response to needs that our customers brought to us after encountering obstacles in quality, performance, and the restraints of budget and technology. As an automotive parts manufacturer, our work goes beyond just manufacturing parts: we create solutions that empower our clients and we see things through to the end to ensure complete satisfaction.

Our history of being able to create custom designs has served us well in the automotive industry. We were approached by an OEM with the challenge of making their windshield wiper product more durable for harsh winter weather conditions. We designed a wiper hood for the arm of the unit that prevents snow and ice from getting lodged in the blade, which has gone on to become the most preferred design for this application. We currently produce over 10 million wiper blade hoods annually and feel proud to be a part of making the roads a safer place in inclement weather.


We have worked with many different clients over the years to develop parts that meet the exact specifications they need, and we have flexibility that other automotive parts manufacturers don’t simply due to the wide variety of manufacturing processes we can handle in-house. To meet the extensive range of requirements that our customers present, we can employ a number of methods, like our slush molded and dipped rubber processes. We also have a substantial set of supported materials available to work with, depending on what each project calls for. Our ability to mix and match techniques and materials allow us to create individualized products that meet our clients’ specifications as well as their price point. We pride ourselves on being able to offer cost-effective parts to those looking to maximize their budget.

One of our most notable examples of saving our client’s money comes in the form of a shift boot the client brought us. Formerly, the part was created out of leather to provide an upscale feel for the vehicle it would inhabit. The client expressed the desire to reduce the cost per unit of the piece while maintaining the image and quality, and we were up for the challenge. Our engineers were able to develop a synthetic alternative that had authentic looking leather grain, and when paired with top-quality stitching, created a final piece with the look and feel of the original at a fraction of the cost. Even focus groups that examined the piece thought it was genuine leather. During the first year of production on this new shift boot, we were able to save this customer over one million dollars simply by changing the process that made the part. The new material even reduced the noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) in practical use compared to the older leather version. Overall, the client was pleased to have chosen us as their automotive parts manufacturer. At Midwest Rubber, our industry experience and highly skilled team allow us to improve the status quo and create noteworthy solutions. Let us see how we can use our knowledge of materials, processes, and engineering to make a better product for you.


No matter your automotive manufacturing challenge, Midwest Rubber can be the right answer for you. Whether you need to create automotive rubber seals or larger parts like gear shift boots for trucks, we have created millions of parts for the automotive industry and can put our experience to work for you. Our proficiency in value engineering allows us to be a top automotive parts manufacturer because we are comfortable exploring different materials or manufacturing processes in order to create your parts for the best price. Our parts and components can be found in vehicles made by Ford Motor Company, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, and General Motors, and we are pleased to be a US based facility creating outstanding products.

If you have a need for any rubber automotive products or want to discuss the possibility of improving your current pieces, contact Midwest Rubber today. We thrive on solving challenges and making components our clients can rely on. We have the capability to run large or small orders and the background and certification to create pieces trusted around the world. Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your automotive manufacturing.



Our solutions ensure less noise and a longer service life. Midwest Rubber strives to do everything we can to simplify your operations, and this includes reducing and eliminating excessive vibration caused by machinery. Noise vibration harshness can be caused by any type of motor, and can be a huge source of stress and disruption – not just to the machine, but to you as well. We create our solutions using custom molded rubber and rubber-to-metal bonded parts, making them a premium solution for anti-vibration.

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