Materials and Processes Used in Surgical Device Packaging

Surgical devices are tools used to perform specific actions during surgery or other medical procedures. Uses include modifying biological tissue or providing access to internal organs or other body parts for the purpose of excision, removal, replacement, or repair. According to the World Health Orga [...]

The Important Role of Neoprene in Orthotic & Prosthetic Devices

Orthotics and prosthetics are assistive devices people use to enhance or replace an injured or missing limb. Orthotics include wrist and ankle braces, heel supports for shoes, and spinal supports for people with pain or difficulty using any of these body parts. Prosthetics typically replace a limb o [...]

Using Slush Molding to Make Diagnostic Instrument Panels

Diagnostic instrument panels are a mainstay in many industries, including healthcare, where they are used in imaging, radiation therapy, monitoring of blood pressure, medication administration, chemotherapy, anesthesia. The panels exist in every hospital section, including the emergency room, intens [...]

4 Top Benefits of Dip Molding for Manufacturing Medical Equipment

The healthcare industry spends approximately $200 billion each year on medical devices, according to a recent medical journal article. The equipment purchased includes diagnostic and medical apparatus and supplies across a range of manufacturers and suppliers, many of which are considered physician [...]

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How Powder-Coated Products are Transforming the Healthcare Industry

The global healthcare industry is continually stepping up to meet new challenges, including those presented by the ongoing coronavirus threat. Organizations delivering clinical services, pharmaceutical product manufacturers, dental, and vision practitioners are all subject to strict rules and regula [...]

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How Rubber-Coated Calf Rests Benefit Mothers During Delivery

Entering motherhood is one of the most profound and intense experiences in any woman’s life. It begins with the baby’s birth, which can be fulfilling or traumatic depending on multiple circumstances. Medical facilities continually face the challenge of ensuring their patients’ comfort during labor a [...]

3 Reasons to Use Color-Coded Coatings for Medical Products

Medical providers are under as much pressure as other service providers to deliver a good experience that encourages engagement and boosts occupancy and revenue. Studies show that the use of color in the design of medical supplies plays an essential role in enhancing the user experience. By using co [...]

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How to Protect Patients from Medical Surface Contamination

Surface contamination is a significant concern in every type of medical or healthcare facility. From work countertops to door handles in a hospital setting, reducing nosocomial or hospital-acquired infections is a primary goal for the entire medical community. Protecting people from medical surface [...]

Using Rubber in Position Support Pads for Patient Care

Patient positioning is the practice of maintaining a patient’s body alignment during surgery, medical tests, and recovery time to increase comfort and prevent complications that can cause pain and injury. Positioning support pads and pillows are mainly used to keep the patient in a specific position [...]

Dip Molding – Your #1 Choice for Rubberized Parts

Rubber has become an essential part of our lives, mainly because of its unique attributes. Durability, weather resistance, and the ability to mold it to almost any shape make it a valuable addition to all types of engineering. As of the end of 2020, the world used 1.1 million metric tons of rubber, [...]

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