Using Rubber in Position Support Pads for Patient Care

Patient positioning is the practice of maintaining a patient’s body alignment during surgery, medical tests, and recovery time to increase comfort and prevent complications that can cause pain and injury. Positioning support pads and pillows are mainly used to keep the patient in a specific position [...]

Dip Molding – Your #1 Choice for Rubberized Parts

Rubber has become an essential part of our lives, mainly because of its unique attributes. Durability, weather resistance, and the ability to mold it to almost any shape make it a valuable addition to all types of engineering. As of the end of 2020, the world used 1.1 million metric tons of rubber, [...]

Why Powder Coating is a Superior Form of Finishing for Parts

Powder coating is a color finishing process using powder instead of paint on metal and non-metal surfaces. It’s used on millions of products we encounter every day, either for some of the components or for the entire item. The technique gives products a smooth, professional finish that is tough, lon [...]

Why Our Updated IATF and ISO Certifications Matter to YOU

When you invest hard-earned money in the manufacture of automotive, medical, or other rubber products, it helps to have the reassurance that your supplier takes quality seriously. One way to be certain of this is to use companies with quality certifications such as IATF and ISO. At Midwest Rubber Co [...]

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How Dip-Coated Wheel Chocks Solved a Customer’s Big Problem

Sometimes, it’s the small things that count, like having the right handle grips on equipment. A customer of ours found this out when motor vehicles shipped across the country turned up at their destination with scratches on the paint finishes. Investigation showed the cars were being stacked five hi [...]

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A Question of Quality: QA’s Role in Rubber Manufacturing

It’s our mission at Midwest Rubber Company to create customized, unique solutions that can fix any design problem our clients bring to us. But innovation is only a part of what makes our products successful. We also make sure that everything we deliver is durable and reliable – that’s just one of th [...]

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Dip Molding vs. Dip Coating: Uses and Benefits of Each

Mankind has been making tools and parts since the stone age, using innovative methods to shape items to achieve the goals he has in mind. Dip molding and dip coating are two more modern options, and each requires a specific process to deliver on its objective. These two processes are quite different [...]

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Sustainability Meets Practicality: Using Quality Synthetic Leather for Truck Parts

Real leather has always been considered a luxury product. It has been used for centuries in the production of clothing, furniture, and more recently, automotive finishes. Genuine leather is expensive, however, as well as being environmentally unsustainable. For companies that produce large quantitie [...]

Why Buying Rubber Products Made in the U.S. is Important

The long and painful Covid-19 pandemic has brought many challenges to the U.S. economy, the loss of jobs and the closures of many small and medium-sized businesses. At the same time, customers have been subject to delays and other international trade issues related to the coronavirus spread. Buying [...]

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What is Dip Coating and When is it Used?

At Midwest Rubber Company, we appreciate when our customers call us with their variety of product challenges and requests. Our manufacturing toolkit contains an assemblage of processes and solutions that we utilize based on the goals and needs of our customers. With every project, we begin by evalua [...]

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