On top of designing and creating rubber parts, we are also well-versed in several finishing techniques at Midwest Rubber Company. The most prominent of these options is powder coating, where a metal part is given a protective outer layer that is both functional and attractive. We have two methods of accomplishing this coating — either a fluidized bed dip or by electrostatic spraying. For either application, the metal part is first heated, then the powder is introduced. For the fluidized bed dip, the part is slowly submerged into a tank of aerated powder, which melts on contact while the air moves additional particles around the item to ensure an even coat. When using the electrostatic spraying method, the heated part has powder sprayed at it while it moves down a production line. Both methods are finalized by allowing the part to cool and cure.

Powder coating has been around for decades and continues to be a popular finishing option for several reasons:

  • Durability. Applying this coating makes metal parts more weather-resistant, UV resistant, and defends against rust.
  • Practicality. Powder coating an item can reduce noise vibration harshness, which makes the product more user-friendly.
  • Professional finish. Adding an outer coating not only makes the part more functional, it also creates a pleasing product for your market.

This protective coating is an option for most metal parts, but is highly used in the following industries:

Although we do accept limited small volume stand-alone powder coating requests, we typically reserve our capacity to our customer base where in-house coating adds value and advantage to production requiring vertical integration or multiple steps in the manufacturing process. If you have a project you think would benefit from a powder coating finish, contact us today and we can discuss your custom solution.

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