It’s our mission at Midwest Rubber Company to create customized, unique solutions that can fix any design problem our clients bring to us. But innovation is only a part of what makes our products successful. We also make sure that everything we deliver is durable and reliable – that’s just one of the reasons we’ve been a supplier for the U.S. Army for more than 60 years. We do this through a comprehensive quality assurance (QA) program that leaves nothing to chance.

The Goal of Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a set of processes aimed at preventing mistakes and defects in the products we make for customers. The concept is based on using standard operating procedures to test products at every stage of manufacturing to make sure they conform to specifications. Our goal is for every item we produce to be sturdy and reliable in build, while also flawlessly carrying out the function it was intended to fulfill.

QA’s Importance in Rubber Manufacturing

Rubber is used in a wide range of manufacturing processes to create items that are resilient and durable, safe for a variety of military, automotive, healthcare, industrial, and other purposes. A robust QA program is vital to the success of any product, because it streamlines the operation and ensures that the final deliverable meets the high standards demanded by both our company and our client. By following standard QA procedures we can identify bugs or issues before they cause faulty products, which can save all parties a lot of money in wasted time and materials.

How QA Works at Midwest Rubber Company

The QA process at Midwest Rubber Company starts with the very first step, which is the testing of the materials. We check to ensure your chosen materials are strong and flexible enough for the intended purpose, and that the materials we have in stock are high quality. Next, our skilled employees monitor the construction process throughout, to make sure the machinery is working correctly and that the objects created are consistent in quality. The fully formed products are meticulously tested to identify whether any shortcomings exist.

Correcting Deficiencies

If any products show deficiencies, or either our team or the customer is dissatisfied with the quality or performance, we work with the client to formulate a new solution. Midwest Rubber Company’s ability to deliver highly individualized manufacturing enables us to change almost any aspect of a design. If this happens, we create a new version, reassess it, and subject it to rigorous testing. Only when both our team and the customer are 100% satisfied do we consider the product finished.

An Approved QA Process

The QA procedures used by Midwest Rubber Company are approved by the International Automotive Task Force (IATF), a regulatory body that sets the bar for automotive parts and services. The IATF has awarded us with a certificate confirming that our practices meet the highest standards. In addition, we hold two certificates from the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board that indicate Midwest Rubber Company’s management and environmental standards are in compliance with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

If you need a custom rubber component that meets your specialized requirements, why not choose a company that tests continually for quality from start to finish? Midwest Rubber Company is ready to build a solution for you. Let’s get to work!