The Benefits of Using Custom Molded Rubber Parts in Your Industry

Custom molded rubber parts are an excellent solution for industries that require unique shapes, sizes, and functions in their products. The need for customized components increases as the industrial environment continues to evolve and become more specialized. These parts can be created using several [...]

4 Top Benefits of Dip Molding for Manufacturing Medical Equipment

The healthcare industry spends approximately $200 billion each year on medical devices, according to a recent medical journal article. The equipment purchased includes diagnostic and medical apparatus and supplies across a range of manufacturers and suppliers, many of which are considered physician [...]

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Learn More About Midwest Rubber Company’s Innovative Wiper Hood

When we think of winter, we may envision beautiful views of softly falling snowflakes resting on branches and fields. We also quickly acknowledge that winter brings about tricky and even hazardous driving conditions, due to snow, ice, and freezing rain. At Midwest Rubber Company, we recognize that o [...]

Midwest Rubber Company Manufactures A Duck Call

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year with colorful foliage and cider mills. It also means that hunting season is in full swing, with hunter using their tools for optimal precision and efficiency. Throughout Midwest Rubber Company’s 74-year history, we proudly have manufactured hundreds of consumer [...]

How We Improved Handle Grips With Our Dip Molding Process

Midwest Rubber Company used their decades-old proprietary dip molding process to improve handle grips for all industries. We take pride in collaborating with companies to develop products that make people’s lives easier, safer, and more efficient. Often that means producing one part that is a piece [...]

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