Midwest Rubber Company used their decades-old proprietary dip molding process to improve handle grips for all industries.

We take pride in collaborating with companies to develop products that make people’s lives easier, safer, and more efficient. Often that means producing one part that is a piece of something bigger. We want to make that thing work better. The perfect example of this is the durable elastomer handle grips that we develop using our dip molding process.

Handle grips are not something that most people think about, but they are essential in so many different types of equipment. From dollies to hospital beds, you would notice if soft grips were missing. They are one part that is a piece of something bigger. And they make a big difference when done well.

Handle grips serve many purposes including providing comfort for the user, helping to support weight, and offering improved traction. All elements increase ease of use as well as safety. Soft grips also often provide anti-vibration properties for equipment, which helps with noise, disruption, and harshness. We create many of our handle grips using our dip molding process. 

What is dip molding?

Dip molding is a process in which a metal form or tool is dipped into a coating material to create a rubber part. When a thorough coating is achieved, the liquid is solidified and the complete rubber piece can be removed or trimmed.

At Midwest Rubber Company we have a proprietary process which allows products like the handle grips to be comfortable yet highly durable. The hermetically sealed surfaces stand up to harsh conditions including strong detergents. This makes dip molding the perfect solution for exercise and medical equipment.

That said, dip molding is an extremely flexible process and can be used with a wide variety of materials. Everything from automotive bellows and seals for trucks and farming tractors to custom covers for hospital bed components can be created using dip molding.

This is a versatile and dependable method of creating a variety of goods that Midwest Rubber Company has perfected. We’ve been using it for decades! Our customers love this process because it’s quick, effective, and often times saves them money.

Looking for a way to improve the comfort, ease of use, and safety of one of your products? We have the answer. Contact Midwest Rubber Company today to discuss your project.