Autumn is a beautiful time of the year with colorful foliage and cider mills. It also means that hunting season is in full swing, with hunter using their tools for optimal precision and efficiency.

Throughout Midwest Rubber Company’s 74-year history, we proudly have manufactured hundreds of consumer products, and we love it when our clients approach us with a problem. We enjoy working together with them to develop effective solutions.

An example of a hunting product challenge that we were presented with over 5 decades ago was from an entrepreneur/inventor and avid duck hunter. The calls he was using were cumbersome and required his hands, which could result in missing a great shot.

He shared his idea of creating a hands-free duck call to keep both hands on his gun. His idea involved replacing the mouthpiece of the duck call with a foot-operated bellows system.

Since our Midwest Rubber Company engineers love a challenge, we immediately joined together and brainstormed ideas to give our client what he sought. Through trial-and-error, we developed a bellows system using foot pressure that produced exactly the right amount of air to create a realistic-sounding duck call.

We manufactured the duck call via a dip molding process (dip-molded neoprene). As the device was to be used in a broad range of hunting temperatures and weather conditions, we carefully chose a material that would withstand the elements.

The finalized duck call was a complete success! And, Midwest Rubber Company later was invited to manufacture a similar goose call for this appreciative client. We invite you to check out the video (below) for a demonstration!

Should you have an idea for a product that you want manufactured, or a problem that you want solved, contact us at Midwest Rubber Company. We would be happy to work on your behalf to bring you the product and the solutions that you desire!