When we think of winter, we may envision beautiful views of softly falling snowflakes resting on branches and fields. We also quickly acknowledge that winter brings about tricky and even hazardous driving conditions, due to snow, ice, and freezing rain.

At Midwest Rubber Company, we recognize that one of a vehicle’s most vital tools in inclement weather is a set of reliable windshield wipers. Yet, wiper blades are not all designed the same. Often, they include vents, which are fine in warmer and less aggressive weather conditions. Yet, when winter rolls around, those vents can become clogged with ice and snow, decreasing the wipers’ effectiveness precisely when the driver needs them to work their best.

In the midst of winter, these vents lead to windshields not getting clean, as the rubber blade deteriorates sooner than it should. As a result, drivers can be placed in danger, trying to peer through a windshield blurred and obscured by snow and ice.

To provide an effective solution that protects people during winter months, Midwest Rubber Company proactively developed a unique windshield wiper hood. Similar to a coat’s hood, it offers protection from the elements. In this case, this hood protects windshield wipers from becoming clogged with snow and ice.

In addition to preventing snow/ice buildup, the hood allows for cleaner, smoother wipes along the windshield. It also may prolong the life of the wiper blades and wiper system’s internal mechanisms.

For this interesting project, our professionals at Midwest Rubber Company integrated one of our automotive OEM customers’ products into the wiper hood. Our engineers discovered a way to use our dip molding process to manufacture the product in-house, which resulted in a competitive price point for the final product. Our extensive testing of all of our products gave us confidence as to the wiper hoods’ durability.

Today, our winter wiper hood design is the preferred choice in many heavy snow climates versus our competitors’ solid blade designs or even their new blade designs. In fact, Midwest Rubber Company manufactures and sells over 10 million wiper blade hoods annually to 5 international companies, accounting for over 95% of the global wiper blade hood market.

Midwest Rubber Company’s long, more than 60-year history of developing and producing custom solutions continually help our customers solve problems of all types and sizes. When you have a manufacturing challenge, contact Midwest Rubber Company, and let’s see what we can strategize and accomplish together!