The Rise of Hybrid Vehicles and Its Impact on the Rubber Industry

The automotive industry is witnessing the increasing popularity of hybrid electric vehicles (HHEVs). This surge is reshaping the rubber industry, prompting adaptations to meet new vehicle requirements, and influencing the materials used in their production. Specifically, there's a shift towards more [...]

Midwest Rubber Company Receives IATF Certification

Manufacturing for the automotive industry is quite complex. There can be absolutely no compromise in quality, safety, production, and risk management as people entrust their lives every time they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Even the best suppliers in the automotive industry understand that th [...]

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Success Story: Dip coated wheel chocks

For years, Midwest Rubber Company has collaborated with customers to develop solutions for a variety of challenges that could be rather complex. Occasionally, we find ourselves working to solve problems that are not as complex, but still have significant consequences. This was certainly the case wit [...]

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Bill Bittner: 52 Years of Dedicated Service

This month Midwest Rubber celebrates one of our valued and most longstanding employees, Bill Bittner. For 52 years, Bill has embodied the innovative and collaborative spirit that this company was founded on. Bill’s experience designing and fabricating automotive parts goes back to his high school da [...]

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Synthetic vs. Natural; Which is Right For Your Product?

There’s no doubt as to why leather is the preferred material for clothing, accessories, and many automotive components. Real leather is durable and strong - it lasts longer and ages better than synthetics over time. It continues to feel and look great for years! The catch is that leather is often ex [...]

2021-12-08T12:30:34-05:00October 15th, 2015|Categories: Automotive|

Wiper Hood Solves Winter Weather Woes

Winter. That means snow, ice, and freezing rain. With that comes trickier driving conditions. One of the most important things a vehicle can have in bad weather is a set of reliable windshield wipers. So often, wiper blade design includes vents, which is fine in warmer weather. When winter rolls aro [...]

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