Beyond Compliance: The Benefits of Biocompatible Rubber in Medical Devices

Biocompatibility means the harmonious interaction of a material with living tissue. In the context of medical rubber products, it means the material does not trigger an adverse reaction when it comes into contact with bodily tissues or fluids. This characteristic is crucial for medical products made [...]

Top 3 Applications of Thermoset Rubber Molding in Manufacturing Medical Devices

Thermoset rubber molding is a manufacturing method that produces rubber or plastic products using one of several different processes. These include transfer molding, compression, and injection molding, which all work by using heat or chemical methods to shape soft rubber and then hardening it. Injec [...]

4 Top Benefits of Using Powder-Coated Hospital Beds in Healthcare

The first version of the modern hospital bed was introduced in 1874. It sported a built-in mattress pad that could be elevated, and medical teams widely welcomed this advancement. In 1909, the surgical department at Indiana University invented a hospital bed that could be segmented into three separa [...]

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Best Rubberizing Solutions for Dental Surgery Equipment

Dental surgeons use several specialized tools during surgical procedures, which are manufactured specifically for this purpose. Many of these tools require some form of rubberization, whether to improve the ability to grip the handle, increase comfort for the patient, or provide physical neck suppor [...]

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Lower Extremity Orthotics: Rubberizing Custom Orthopedic Braces and Supports

Orthopedic braces and support systems are manufactured for use in injury prevention, rehabilitation, post-operative care, and osteoarthritic care. They are also used to protect, support, and strengthen the joints and muscles and are used by athletes to avoid injury. The orthopedic braces and support [...]

How to Find the Best Manufacturer for Your Medical Product Lines

How to Find the Best Manufacturer for Your Medical Product Lines When choosing the right manufacturer for your product, the stakes are often high. This can be especially true for parts and components produced for the medical industry. You'll likely have plenty of questions. Which process is right fo [...]

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