The Pros and Cons of Single-Use Plastics in Medical Manufacturing

Plastics have become an integral part of the modern healthcare environment. Walk into any medical facility, and you'll find plastics everywhere, from the waiting room to the operating theater. Their versatility and adaptability have made them indispensable. The U.S. generates approximately 5.9 milli [...]

Antimicrobial Additives in Medical Equipment: A Step Towards Enhanced Patient Safety

In a bustling hospital, every piece of equipment plays a crucial role. Items like stethoscopes, used by doctors day in and day out, touch countless patients. Consider the invisible microbes that might linger on it. Patient safety is paramount in medical settings, and ensuring that equipment doesn't [...]

How Powder-Coated Products are Transforming the Healthcare Industry

The global healthcare industry is continually stepping up to meet new challenges, including those presented by the ongoing coronavirus threat. Organizations delivering clinical services, pharmaceutical product manufacturers, dental, and vision practitioners are all subject to strict rules and regula [...]

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How to Protect Patients from Medical Surface Contamination

Surface contamination is a significant concern in every type of medical or healthcare facility. From work countertops to door handles in a hospital setting, reducing nosocomial or hospital-acquired infections is a primary goal for the entire medical community. Protecting people from medical surface [...]

Find the Best Manufacturer for Your Rubber Medical Products

Midwest Rubber Company is proud to support medical professionals in their essential work by creating rubber components that help keep patients comfortable and secure. The stakes are high when choosing a manufacturer for your product and this is especially true for parts and components produced for t [...]

How to Find the Best Manufacturer for Your Medical Product Lines

How to Find the Best Manufacturer for Your Medical Product Lines When choosing the right manufacturer for your product, the stakes are often high. This can be especially true for parts and components produced for the medical industry. You'll likely have plenty of questions. Which process is right fo [...]

Midwest Rubber Acquires Xccent Medical and Industrial

Midwest Rubber Company has some great news to share! We recently signed agreements to acquire Xccent Medical and Industrial, in a move that will enable us to increase our presence in the medical industry. As part of the agreement, Xccent Medical and Industrial’s operations will transfer to our headq [...]

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Success Story: Starlock Cushion

Midwest Rubber does more than just manufacture rubber and polymer parts. We are often privileged to be part of a process that begins with a person’s idea, and ends with a product that makes a difference. That could mean making something work more effectively, saving time and money, or in the case of [...]

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