Success Story: Dip coated wheel chocks

For years, Midwest Rubber Company has collaborated with customers to develop solutions for a variety of challenges that could be rather complex. Occasionally, we find ourselves working to solve problems that are not as complex, but still have significant consequences. This was certainly the case wit [...]

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Midwest Rubber Acquires Xccent Medical and Industrial

Midwest Rubber Company has some great news to share! We recently signed agreements to acquire Xccent Medical and Industrial, in a move that will enable us to increase our presence in the medical industry. As part of the agreement, Xccent Medical and Industrial’s operations will transfer to our headq [...]

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Success Story: Dip Molding Handle Grips

Handle grips. It’s something most people don’t think about, but if they were missing from a piece of equipment you were using, you’d notice. They are small parts that make a big difference. For 70 years, Midwest Rubber has been proud to collaborate with companies that are developing products that ma [...]

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Success Story: Starlock Cushion

Midwest Rubber does more than just manufacture rubber and polymer parts. We are often privileged to be part of a process that begins with a person’s idea, and ends with a product that makes a difference. That could mean making something work more effectively, saving time and money, or in the case of [...]

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Process Spotlight: Vacuum Forming

Midwest Rubber uses a number of manufacturing processes to develop solutions for our customers. Throughout our company’s history, we have always taken the time to evaluate every project to determine the best approach to a challenge, and we enjoy the entire collaboration process with our customers. T [...]

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Bill Bittner: 52 Years of Dedicated Service

This month Midwest Rubber celebrates one of our valued and most longstanding employees, Bill Bittner. For 52 years, Bill has embodied the innovative and collaborative spirit that this company was founded on. Bill’s experience designing and fabricating automotive parts goes back to his high school da [...]

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Is EPDM the Right Choice for You?

When our customers come to us with a manufacturing need, sometimes they know exactly what they want, and sometimes they are looking for guidance. (“Here is the problem I am trying to solve. What do you think is the best way to do it?”) Our team asks specific questions to uncover all the information [...]

Process Spotlight: Dip Coating

Midwest Rubber uses a number of manufacturing processes to solve our customers’ challenges. We evaluate every project to determine the best approach to a solution, and we enjoy the entire collaboration process with our customers. Today, let’s take a closer look at our dip coating process. What is it [...]

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Success Story: Give-N-Go Hockey Puck Rebounder

Some of our most rewarding experiences at Midwest Rubber are when true collaboration results in a superior product that fills a need and solves a problem. That’s what happened with the Give-N-Go hockey puck rebounder. Our customer had invented a new type of training tool for hockey players. The tool [...]

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