Antimicrobial Additives in Medical Equipment: A Step Towards Enhanced Patient Safety

In a bustling hospital, every piece of equipment plays a crucial role. Items like stethoscopes, used by doctors day in and day out, touch countless patients. Consider the invisible microbes that might linger on it. Patient safety is paramount in medical settings, and ensuring that equipment doesn't [...]

How to Protect Patients from Medical Surface Contamination

Surface contamination is a significant concern in every type of medical or healthcare facility. From work countertops to door handles in a hospital setting, reducing nosocomial or hospital-acquired infections is a primary goal for the entire medical community. Protecting people from medical surface [...]

Using Rubber in Position Support Pads for Patient Care

Patient positioning is the practice of maintaining a patient’s body alignment during surgery, medical tests, and recovery time to increase comfort and prevent complications that can cause pain and injury. Positioning support pads and pillows are mainly used to keep the patient in a specific position [...]

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