Sometimes, it’s the small things that count, like having the right handle grips on equipment. A customer of ours found this out when motor vehicles shipped across the country turned up at their destination with scratches on the paint finishes. Investigation showed the cars were being stacked five high on railcars for transportation. Each vehicle was anchored in position with wheel chocks, which had to be dropped into a tight space from above. The inevitable bumps against the bodywork caused damage to the vehicles, creating problems for both the sellers and the buyers.

Evaluating Losses and Options

Despite workers’ efforts to prevent damage, our customer found themselves losing sales and racking up significant losses as a result of this process. There were other ways to transport vehicles across the country, but few could compare with railway shipping for cost-effectiveness and environmental responsibility. Trucking, driving, and other methods were all either more labor- or emissions-intensive, and in all cases, the projected cost of transportation was higher.

How Dip-Coating Solved the Problem

The customer turned to Midwest Rubber Company for help, challenging our engineers to find a creative automotive rubber solution. Our proprietary dip-coating process turned out to be the answer needed by providing a coating for the wheel chocks.

MWRCO developed a soft but firm elastomer coating for the main bracket frame. The coating adhered well to the steel, while the textured finish prevented slippage. Since the coated wheel chocks could no longer scratch the paintwork, workers could drop them safely into position.

Maintaining Status Quo

By developing a solution for the existing transportation method, the customer avoided damage to the vehicles. The company could also continue using the economic and environmentally positive railway shipping option to get their product to all destinations. The financial trickle-down effect impacted staff, delivery costs, and buyers, which shows how a small component like a wheel chock can make a massive difference in the marketplace.

Open for Challenges

Do you find your company facing unique challenges? Whether these problems are large or small, talk to our innovative team at MWRCO about developing a solution exclusively for you. You’ll find our creativity not only solves the immediate issue, but often results in long-term positive impact and return on investment for your company.

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