It’s autumn in Michigan, and that means hunting season is in full swing! If you are a hunter, you understand the importance of tools and equipment that allow you to pursue your target with optimal precision and efficiency.
Midwest Rubber manufactures many consumer products, such as a Scotch game call, serving all kinds of purposes. We love when someone comes to us with a problem, and we work together to develop a solution. This is just what happened years ago when Pete Rickard came to see us.
An inventor and avid duck hunter, Mr. Rickard approached us with a problem and an idea for a solution. The duck calls he was using were cumbersome, because you had to give up one of your hands to use the call. What if you missed a great shot because you weren’t ready? He wanted to create a hands-free duck call that he could use while still keeping both hands on his gun. His idea involved replacing the mouthpiece of the call with a foot-operated bellows system.
Our engineers love a challenge, and through a series of trial and error, we developed a bellows system that produced the right amount of air using foot pressure to create a realistic-sounding duck call. The call was manufactured using a dip molding process (dip molded neoprene) and made from material that could withstand a broad range of temperatures and weather conditions.
The finalized duck call was a success, and Midwest Rubber was invited to manufacture a similar goose call for the client, as well. Check out the video for a demonstration!

Do you have a manufacturing problem that needs to be solved? Contact us and let’s see what we can figure out together.