The long and painful Covid-19 pandemic has brought many challenges to the U.S. economy, the loss of jobs and the closures of many small and medium-sized businesses. At the same time, customers have been subject to delays and other international trade issues related to the coronavirus spread.

Buying products that are made in the U.S. can change the narrative for both suppliers and purchasers during the remainder of the pandemic, and as we work to rebuild the economy after it’s over.

What Made in the U.S. Means

Products made in the U.S. are not only assembled here, but they are also made from mostly American-sourced raw materials. Ideally, an item made in the U.S. should also use packaging produced within our borders.

A few decades ago, most products available across the nation fit these criteria. Since the late 1990s, however, U.S. manufacturing has been in a steady decline. Many companies have moved their factories and the jobs they provided to other countries where workers cost less, like China, Mexico, and Taiwan.

Advantages for Customers

We all know products made elsewhere are cheaper, so what is the advantage of buying items made in the U.S., you might wonder? Actually, there are a number of benefits for the customer, including:

Better Quality Products

Companies like Midwest Rubber, for example, simply don’t leave quality to chance. All our processes have been optimized to meet rigid manufacturing standards, and the company holds several internationally-recognized certifications and distinguished supplier awards. This ensures that the quality of products continues to be top-notch.

Reliability of Supply

Industries across the board are finding themselves unable to meet demand right now, largely because of the Covid-19 delays. Furniture stores are taking orders that will be delivered in 3 to 6 months’ time. Home appliances are subject to even longer wait times, and even life-saving medications have seen shortages during the pandemic. The majority of those shortages were the result of either foreign manufacture or the use of foreign materials in the manufacture of the drugs.

Flexibility and Agility

When you buy products that are made in the U.S., you also have the advantage of being able to discuss your needs personally with the supplier. If you need a custom item, it’s possible to build that into your specifications. It’s pretty difficult to do that when you’re buying something mass-produced overseas. If your own business relies on delivering specialized solutions, then buying local offers you the flexibility and agility necessary to do so.

Benefits for the U.S.

Every American wants to see the U.S. recover as fast as possible from this pandemic. When you buy products made in the U.S., the benefits for the economy are tremendous:

  1. It’s better for the environment, because buying local reduces the carbon emissions used to transport goods from other countries.
  2. You’re promoting fair labor practices, because you know for certain no children or other vulnerable people were used in the manufacturing process.
  3. Buying products made in the U.S. ensures jobs for Americans. That doesn’t only matter to the people you know and love, it also helps to boost the economy. The better the population’s earning power, the more products and services people can buy.
  4. It reduces our trade deficit. As of 2018, the S. had a $621 bn world trade deficit, which means we buy a lot more from other countries than we export. Buying American improves the demand for products manufactured here.

Make it a point to buy the products you need from U.S. manufacturers, and play your part in keeping the economy strong. You’ll benefit too, with better service, strong attention to detail, reduced wait times, and a smaller environmental footprint on the planet.

For more information about Midwest Rubber Company’s U.S. manufacturing or to order your home-grown products, please contact us.