Midwest Rubber Company is turning 70! Our company has been through many changes since we started in Detroit in 1946, and through all of them we have remained consistent in our commitment to our innovative processes, our customers and our people. This dedication is what has allowed us to remain relevant and successful over the years.
If there is one thing the world can count on, it’s that things will change. You must evolve with the world without forgetting your roots, which is what Midwest Rubber has managed to do. In the beginning, and throughout much of our history, the mainstay of our business has been with the automotive industry. As manufacturing within the automotive world changed, our number one market segment has become the medical industry, though we continue to develop manufacturing solutions for other industries, as well. We are so proud of the time and thought that our engineering team puts into developing products and manufacturing solutions that truly bring exceptional results for our customers. Over the years we have addressed manufacturing challenges using patent-pending materials, custom-designed equipment and proprietary processes.Our engineering services and diversity of products are highly sought after.
Our Customers
We consider our customers to be integral to our team, because of the amount of collaboration that goes on between us. We love when our customers bring us a manufacturing puzzle, and we are able to solve it together. After an economic downturn took some projects overseas due to global competition, Midwest Rubber found that in a very short time, that business returned to our headquarters in Deckerville. Our customers returned to us because they found that they missed the dedicated service, reliability. and creativity that comes from Midwest Rubber.
Our People
Our company’s leaders have said it before: Midwest Rubber Company is not the building, the machinery, or even the business that we conduct. Midwest Rubber Company is its people. Our hardworking, creative, dedicated team is the reason we have the success that we do today. In the face of the 2008 recession, the true spirit of Midwest Rubber and its people could not be broken, and it is because of our team’s strength, determination and loyalty that we have worked our way back to a strong position in the manufacturing industry.
We extend a heartfelt thank you to all of the people who have walked with us over the past 70 years, and we are excited about the possibilities of the next 70 years!