Medical Coating and Parts Solution


We Solve Medical Equipment Manufacturing Problems

The engineers at Midwest Rubber Company have decades of experience developing the right solutions for medical equipment manufacturing challenges. It started when we began manufacturing inflator bulbs for blood pressure cuffs nearly 70 years ago.

Since then, we have come a long way and now provide a range of coating and part manufacturing solutions for the medical industry including:

  • Medical cushions
  • Bed rails and bedside barriers
  • Head and leg rests
  • Hand grips
  • Hip supports
  • Leg rests
  • Clamps
  • Life cylinder boots
  • PVC coated parts and cables
  • Hermetically sealed parts
  • Foam molded parts
  • Custom medical manufacturing solutions

The medical industry has the most stringent manufacturing standards and requirements because the difference between life and death may be at stake. Midwest Rubber Company is regularly recognized for meeting and exceeding rigorous manufacturing standards for our coating solutions and plastic, rubber, and foam parts.

Our parts and coatings are:

  • Durable: Our parts and coatings can endure drastic temperature change and harsh disinfectants.
  • Soft: Our cushions, headrests, hip supports, and coatings are used in hospital beds, emergency gurneys, diagnostic equipment, and more, and all are designed for a better patient experience.
  • Versatile: Our coatings and parts are available in a wide range of colors, finishes, and thicknesses to accommodate any requirement, including coating or containing complex shapes.

Are you ready for engineered solutions that make medical equipment safer, more comfortable, and work better?