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Heavy Truck Rubber Solutions

To develop solutions that are cost-effective, yet meet precise quality standards and requirements calls for ingenuity and perseverance – qualities our team proudly possesses.

Midwest Rubber provides sealing, isolation, and noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) products to the heavy truck and bus industry. Loud noise and vibration, when not managed, place strain on critical equipment and are extremely disruptive, both to the occupants of the vehicles, as well as anyone they are passing on the road. Our boots, steering column shrouds, and isolators address challenges with acoustics, performance, durability, productivity, and operator well-being. Midwest Rubber has years of experience and a successful track record identifying, analyzing and solving problems with NVH in the heavy truck field. We continue to evolve our solutions to meet the needs of the industry. This is why we are able to proudly serve companies like Freightliner, Spartan Motors, Oshkosh Truck, International Truck, Bluebird Bus, Volvo, and Monaco Coach.

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Why Midwest Rubber?


We can promise that our products perform better and longer than our competition. How? We test each and every design in-house, making sure it can withstand daily wear and tear for years to come. We will also assist in the design process when needed, providing guidance so you receive the best solution possible. Quantifying and testing our solutions ensures that our customers are guaranteed the best results.