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Rubber Solutions for the Medical Industry

Midwest Rubber is proud to support medical professionals in their vital work. We create solutions that help keep their patients comfortable and secure.

We first began manufacturing blood pressure cuff inflator bulbs more than 60 years ago. Since then, we’ve significantly expanded our work in the medical field. Now, we offer a lineup of highly specialized products that includes medical pads, cushions, armrests, headrests, hospital bed accessories, diagnostic equipment, emergency kits, gurneys, and stretchers.

As experts in rubber processing, Midwest Rubber can create custom solutions for healthcare products and bring inventions into the market. We’ve devised unique medical pads for wheelchair application, custom hip supports, and cushions designed to accommodate a complex set of needs. We always work with our customers to ensure we execute their ideas accurately.

In the healthcare industry, quality is not only necessary but mandatory, and at Midwest Rubber, we believe it’s our obligation to provide products that are dependable and safe. We manufacture equipment we know professionals will feel confident in and that their patients will find easy to use. We’re delighted to be part of the medical field and enjoy empowering the individuals who perform this critical work.

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Why Midwest Rubber?


We keep the safety of our clients and their patients at the top of our mind. Exposed parts on medical equipment are touched by hundreds of hands every day. Unless the piece is cleaned after each contact, contaminants are able to multiply and create a safety hazard. We’ve solved this problem with the ability to mix our PVC products with an antimicrobial additive and hermetically seal them, making them resistant to bacteria. The antimicrobial handles and grips we produce are highly sought-after not only in the medical field, but across all industries.