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Cable Grommet


Small rubber components are a very price competitive product. When merely based on price the competition is high, but only a few suppliers stand out when engineering and quality are needed. Customers expect the low price while demanding the technical expertise.


Using our open cast dual durometer process, we can produce a two-shot grommet with both hard shot and soft shot PVC, resulting in a product that is inexpensive and has strong retention when assembled. Midwest Rubber is able to deliver on quality, performance and technical requirements. Most manufacturers can’t promise that.

Why Midwest Rubber?


Our solutions ensure less noise and a longer service life. Midwest Rubber strives to do everything we can to simplify your operations, and this includes reducing and eliminating excessive vibration caused by machinery. Noise vibration harshness can be caused by any type of motor, and can be a huge source of stress and disruption – not just to the machine, but to you as well. We create our solutions using custom molded rubber and rubber-to-metal bonded parts, making them a premium solution for anti-vibration.