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Today's manufacturing environment demands action.

We employ a variety of manufacturing processes and help our customers select the right solutions for their projects. Collaborating with customers on design and engineering before implementation helps us see opportunities to eliminate waste, increase efficiency and design for the best end result. Our experienced engineers always keep a close eye on production, making lean manufacturing a natural offshoot of our collaborative design experience.Our staff and processes allow us to remain agile, offer large or small runs of complex-shaped parts, and keep pace with our customers’ evolving needs.

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Solutions: Noise Reduction

Our proprietary rubber padding and foam rubber parts bring significant noise reduction to agricultural machinery, heavy trucks and construction equipment.

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Solutions: Antimicrobial

Our technology allows us to include state-of-the-art antimicrobial additives in our PVC products so we can meet the most stringent requirements for protective coatings for the medical industry.

Solutions: Vibration

We have years of experience providing vibration solutions to reduce or eliminate the stress and disruption of excessive vibration causes to critical and valuable heavy machinery.

Solutions: Durability

Our durable coatings and parts go through extensive in-house testing to ensure they meet our high standards for performance and longevity, and will withstand our customers’ unique specifications for years to come.

Company History

Established: 1946

Midwest Rubber Company was founded in the post-World War II boom years in Detroit, Michigan. Supplying a variety of parts to Detroit’s Big Three, our primary focus was serving the automotive industry.

Expansion: 1958

Within 12 years, business demands and opportunities in new industries caused us to outgrow our Detroit facilities, so we relocated to the rural farming community of Deckerville, Michigan.

More Growth: 2003

New partnerships brought increased capabilities and success while we continued to nurture our greatest asset: the combined knowledge and skills of our highly skilled workforce, which often spans 3 generations of dedicated Midwest Rubber employees.

Ongoing Innovation: Today

Every project and customer is unique. Accordingly, processes and design standards must evolve over time to keep companies on the leading edge. Midwest Rubber combines time-honored techniques with leading-edge engineering to design and manufacture the most efficient and innovative products on the market.

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